Future Careers of Different Fields & Discipline In Pakistan

Future Careers of Different Fields & Discipline In Pakistan

Future Careers of Different Fields & Disciplines in Pakistan, Undoubtedly each and every field is suitable for a particular person and one should always study according to his taste and aptitude. However, below mentioned are some of the fields which will prove beneficial in Pakistan.

Future Careers | Accountancy

Accountancy is a really rewarding career option however it takes a long journey to complete it. CA and ACCA are two main courses for accountancy being taught in various institutes like ICAP, SKANS etc. It normally takes 7-8 years or even more in completion. But a lot of struggle and hard work allows a person to complete it early. The struggle is worth it because accountancy is one of the most profitable career option.

Future Careers | Human resource management

It is one of a very good and evolving career options for students. Actually a human resource management department takes care of various duties in an organization, plan the benefits of employees in the organisation, follow the procedure of recruitment, selection, interviews and all for an organisation and are well paid. Any degree in public relations, or any other degree can help you get this job type.

Future Careers | Creative designing

A Creative Designer works in zones of showcasing and promoting to make different materials, for example, item marks or pamphlets, that give data about an organization’s contributions. … They for the most part work for media organizations or promoting firms. They can likewise act naturally utilized.

Future Careers | Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking is one of a very positive trends in our country which promotes banking and finance according to the teachings of Islam. Currently there are many banks which are using Islamic banking system such as Bank Islami, MCB, Dubai Islamic bank, Meezan bank and others. Like the western banking, Islamic banking also requires sound knowledge of banking and finance so an MBA graduate can apply for this.

Future Careers | Advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is one of the growing professions in the country. Advance manufacturers produce goods that are in daily usage by companies such as robotics, computers, nanotechnology, electromechanical equipment etc. This profession requires a sound knowledge of all such products. Engineering is the key way for this career option. It is a very profitable business.

Future Careers | Software engineering

Software engineering is always a very good rewarding career in every time. In the era of technology, software engineers are in high demand and are paid with a sound salary package. BS Software engineering is being offered in many good ranking universities.

Future Careers | Market research

Market research analysis is an emerging field in Pakistan. Market research analyst analyses different products available in a market and go through their need and supply. Most companies and brands hire market researchers for the profit of company. Hence it is a great profession to join.

Future Careers | Petroleum and chemical engineering

This particular field requires a graduate degree in chemical engineering. It is a very highly profitable career for those who put in efforts and struggle in their studies. Sui Northern gas company, certain other petrochemical industries require petroleum and chemical engineers.

Future Careers | Automation/ Robotics

It requires an engineering degree in robotics and 1 year diploma of robotics technician. This field is currently not much popular in Pakistan however work is being done on this and in near future this career will flourish a lot.

All careers are made for a particular aptitude and taste and a student should select a career based on his interest because in this lies the effort of his whole life.