How To Prepare For The Entry Test

Entry Test Preparation

There are different types of entry tests being conducted after Intermediate level by different universities. The purpose of an entry test is to determine the aptitude and IQ of a student whether he/she would be able to make through the given course he/she has applied for. Few universities take admissions on the basis of Intermediate marks however most of the institutes have their particular test required for admission.

Entrt Test Preparation Different Fields/Subjects

Based on different fields and a  variety of subjects, every particular field has it’s own entry test depending upon the subjects. Medical college admission test i-e MDCAT have a high weightage of Biology and Chemistry to check the aptitude of a student if he is capable of studying medicine or not. So while preparing for MDCAT, the student should focus more on Biology and Chemistry but shouldn’t forget to study physics and English too.

Engineering universities admission entry test i-e ECAT have more percentage weightage of Mathematics and Physics. As obvious, Engineering is mostly about Mathematics and requires conceptual study of physics. So a student appearing in ECAT should have all the basic conceptual knowledge of Maths and physics.

Entry Test Preparation For Computer Science And Information Technology

Universities that offer admissions for Computer science and Information technology, have high weightage of Mathematics and analytics portion which is mostly out of the book. So out of course study is important while taking entry test for Computer science and Information technology. As far as Management sciences are concerned, their entry test comprises more of Quantitative studies and basic arithmetic. The analytical questions that are being asked in such tests are not found in a particular book. Student should practice class 6-10 mathematics book. The analytical questions can be practiced from NTS, GMAT or any other entry test preparation book.

Entry Test Preparation Time Management

Excessive time should not be spent on studying English language and cramming English vocabulary because more time should be given to the basic subjects that are either maths, biology or physics.

The student who is preparing for one entry test should at least appear in two to three different tests that can be either HEC, NTS, NUST or anywhere else where the option is available. But, do not appear in any entry test just before your Intermediate finals because it will affect both the entry test performance and final exam preparation and you will not gain any thing from any end.

  • Time for preparation

As discussed above, most of the time should be used to focus on the high weightage subjects i-e 65-70% time for major subjects. 30-35% time for less weightage subjects is enough.

To study effectively, student should go for topic based learning, conceptual learning, and computational approach for Computer science and Information technology program. Study chapter by chapter. To enhance Study, purchase some objective guide especially NTS books and practice them after the student has comprehensively studied his course books. It is necessary to cram formulae. Make formulae flow chart and save your time.

“When you cannot express it in the numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind”

(Lord Kelvin)

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