Biozentrum University of Basel International PhD Fellowship Program in Switzerland Scholarship 2018


Biozentrum University of Basel is inviting applications for worldwide PhD affiliation program. Associations are sensible in Molecular Life Sciences.

The Biozentrum bolsters gifted, driven and significantly vigorous energetic scientists to apply to the Biozentrum Basel International PhD Program.

The Biozentrum is the greatest division at the University of Basel’s Faculty of Science. The basic point of convergence of this interdisciplinary foundation is crucial Molecular and Biomedical research and teaching.

Hopefuls ought to either starting at now hold or anticipate to get a higher education that qualifies them for a PhD program at the University of Basel (MSc, Diploma, et cetera.). Hopefuls from outside the country of starting point will much of the time need to meet specific English lingo/other tongue necessities in order to have the ability to consider there.

Application Deadline: 

June 20 2018

Course Level: 

Fellowships are available for pursuing PhD degree level.

Study Subject: 

Fellowships are tenable in Molecular Life Sciences.

Scholarship Award: 

The “Fellowships for Excellence” cover the salary of the fellows for three years (including rotations). Should the PhD thesis exceed this time, group leaders and fellows are expected to together identify alternative funding. In addition, other incentives are offered to “Fellowships for Excellence” PhD students to support their scientific and personal growth. Currently the following perks are in place (annual changes may apply):

  • A personal, annual stipend, e.g. to allow attendance of meetings, acquisition of books or computers (currently CHF 6’000 total for 3 years).
  • Preferential registration for some courses in the Biozentrum Graduate Teaching program.
  • Yearly study trip to a city with ties to Siemens, e.g. Berlin, Munich, St. Petersburg.
  • Scientific meetings and networking opportunities with current “Fellowships for Excellence” students and alumni.
  • Personal certificate of acceptance into the “Fellowships for Excellence” program.
  • Support for the preparation of the personal CV and postdoctoral application by Biozentrum faculty members in the “Fellowships for Excellence” committee.
  • Financial support for travel to postdoctoral interviews at the end of the PhD thesis.


  • Eligible Countries: International students can apply for these fellowships.
  • Entrance Requirements: This program offers prestigious PhD fellowships that are awarded on a competitive basis, provide direct entry into the Biozentrum PhD program and offer the fellows  a unique rotation-based selection of a research group of their own choice and a number of other incentives. Applicants must:
    Before enrollment, applicants must either already hold or anticipate to receive a university degree that qualifies them for a PhD program at the University of Basel (MSc, Diploma, etc.). In exceptional cases, outstanding students with a BSc degree are also eligible to apply to the “Fellowships for Excellence” program; they however will have to pass additional courses at the Biozentrum after acceptance. PhD students who already have enrolled at the Biozentrum or plan to start their PhD thesis before September 1 of the same year as the open call are not eligible to apply to the “Fellowships for Excellence” program.
  • English Language Requirements: Applicants from outside the home country will often need to meet specific English language/other language requirements in order to be able to study there.

How to Apply:

Open calls usually start on February 1 and end on June 20. Within that time, candidates can submit an online application. For the application, electronic copies of the diploma/MSc degree with grades and transcripts as pdf files, a CV or scientific résumé (maximum one page, pdf format), a description of research interests in general and one with a specific focus on a potential PhD thesis at the Biozentrum as well as the names and contact information of 2 referees from the candidate’s previous academic environment (usually faculty members) are required. The referees will be contacted automatically and will be asked for an online evaluation as well as a reference letter. Further information about the application procedure will be made available to the candidates upon registration and submission of their application.

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