Russian Government Scholarships for International Students in Russia Scholarship 2018


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation offers Government grants for worldwide understudies. Grants are accessible for lone wolf, experts, postgraduate and postgraduate medicinal investigations (temporary position, clinical residency).

Advanced education abroad offers an open door for development and improvement that exclusive a couple of different encounters can give so strongly.

Russia, having the most elevated proficiency rate on the planet (99,6%), is appropriately pleased with having a standout amongst other instruction frameworks on the planet.

Concentrates in Russian colleges are completed in Russian dialect. Learning of Russian dialect is fundamental for universal understudies in Russia.

Course Level: 

Scholarships are available for bachelor, masters, postgraduate and postgraduate medical studies (internship, clinical residency).

Study Subject: 

Scholarships are offered in diverse fields to help students in upgrading their education.

Scholarship Award: 

The study of foreign citizens at Russian state universities is up to 80% subsidized by the Government of Russia, making it affordable (the average cost of an academic year, including accommodation in a student hostel, is 2500-4000 USD).
Life and health insurance is obligatory for any foreign citizen arriving to the Russian Federation for studies. The cost of life and health insurance amounts from 160 USD to 250 USD for one year and depends on the chosen program of insurance.
So, the choice is yours. You have the opportunity to get an in-demand profession, build your future career, to make lifelong friends and to broaden your cultural, intellectual and personal horizons. Surely everyone dreams of these things? You only need to understand who you want to become and where you want to study; then you are ready to make your first step towards high-quality and affordable higher education with RACUS!


  • Eligible Countries: International students can apply for the scholarships.
  • Entrance Requirements: Applications for study on a foundation course are accepted from 1st March until 1st October. Classes start from 20th September (subject to there being enough students to start a group). It is recommended that students arrive no later than 15th November for study on foundation courses.Applications for study on main courses (first and subsequent years) are accepted from 1st March until 15th August of each year for passport-holders of visa-free countries and from 1st March until 15th July for passport holders of countries requiring a visa. Classes start from 1st September. A foreign citizen can be admitted to Russian state university if the following requirements are met:-For Bachelor’s or Specialist’s programs, if:He/she has a document of complete secondary education or any other equivalent document;– For Master’s program, if:He/she has a “Bachelor’s degree” or a “Specialist’s degree” with the course duration not less than 4 years;– For postgraduate studies (PhD), if:He/she has a “Master’s degree” (with the course duration not less than 2 years) or a “Specialist’s degree” with the course duration not less than 5 years-For postgraduate medical studies (internship, clinical residency), if:

    He/she has a degree of higher medical /dental/pharmaceutical education.

    The requirements for educational documents of foreign citizens are based on the requirements and legislation of the country that has issued these documents. If a foreign citizen has educational documents that permit him/her to enter university in his/her country in a desired specialty, he/she is also able to apply to a Russian university.

    All foreign citizens who enter Russian universities through RACUS are enrolled to study on the basis of entrance assessments (interview, testing), but on a non-competitive basis and without entrance examinations. Exception is made for the specialties of culture and art, where students are required to present artwork and/or demonstrate creative ability.

  • English Language Requirements: In Russia different modes of study exist, though for international students only full-time, face-to-face mode is available (students from the CIS countries who are fluent in Russian may also study via distance learning). Studies in Russian universities are carried out in Russian language. In some specialties the training is also delivered in English (about 20 specialties) and French (general medicine, pharmacy). Candidates choosing the training in English or French must have an interview to check their language competency upon arrival. The results of international language tests (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, DALF, TCF etc.) are not required. Irrespective of medium of instruction, a Russian language course is an integral and important part of the curriculum. Knowledge of Russian language is essential for international students in Russia for everyday life, communication in and outside the university, and for comprehensive use of the millions of pieces of educational literature available throughout the whole period of study. If a student chooses to study in Russian, he/she spends the first year on a foundation course, where for 7-10 months he/she studies Russian language and other major subjects of the future specialty: medical & biological stream – chemistry and biology; economic and engineering stream – math, physics and information technology; humanities stream – history, social science, literature etc. The university may include other subjects in the curriculum of the foundation course.

How to Apply:

The mode of applying is by online.

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