RIPHAH International University Admission 2018

RIPHAH International University Has Announced Admissions for session 2018. It is offering different Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs. Last Date for submitting admission application form is 10-July-2018.

RIPHAH Program names:

  • BS
  • MS
  • MPhil
  • MA
  • PGD
  • MSc
  • PhD

RIPHAH Deadline/schedule:

Last date of submitting admission is 10-07-2018

How to apply:

Submit admission forms before deadline in University admin office or through University Website Admission panel.

University Contact:

RIPHAH International University, 051 111 747 424

General Academic Rules & Regulations:

Note: The Academic Rules and Regulations mentioned in the prospectus or other relevant documents that pertain to the university stand true at the time of publication. However, they are subject to change as and when required by the authorities according to the prescribed manner.

These rules and regulations as approved by the certified authorities are considered applicable and shall be followed as per the appropriate procedure.

The following guidelines and principles are relevant for the semester system operating in the University, and are extracted from the comprehensive list of rules and regulations, the details of which are available on the official University website as well as the Registrar’s office.

Admission Process:

Applications for the relevant Academic Programs will be invited through advertisements. The success of the applicants will purely be merit-based and the admission criteria for different courses will be available under separate headings of departments according to their specific requirements. Provisional admission may also be granted to applicants however, if they do not fulfill the conditions of the provisional admission, the University has the authority to consider it as cancelled.

Transfer of Credits/Migration:

Transfer of credits/migration from other recognized/accredited institutions/universities to Riphah International University may be acceptable depending on the circumstances of the case. A specific number of passed courses with relevant / similar contents and a minimum earned grade of C or 60% marks in a conventional system for undergraduate programs and grade B or 70% marks for graduate/doctoral level programs may be accepted for transfer of students.

Medium of Instructions and Examinations:

The medium of instructions and examinations shall be English unless otherwise stated.

Attendance Policy:

Students shall be expected to attend all classes and actively participate in them in addition to any laboratory sessions and other requirements of their courses on regular basis in order to accomplish completion of the necessary credit hours. No student shall be excused for absence in classes or from completion of assignments/tasks assigned to the students. However students may assume the responsibility for requesting assistance from the teacher for making up any work missed, in case of emergency.

Add/Drop of Courses:

Students may be allowed to add/drop their courses or change sections during the first week of classes of the semester/session under the prescribed manner.

Withdrawal of Courses:

Students will be allowed to withdraw from their registered courses after the add/drop period until the last two weeks prior to the terminal examinations of the semester/session according to the recommended process.

Assessment, Examinations and Evaluation:

Students are evaluated throughout the semester/session using tools such as assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, group discussions and laboratory practical etc., according to the requirement of the course and concerned instructor or otherwise as stated. At the end of each semester/session, terminal examinations of the courses are also held which account for a certain percentage towards the course. However, the percentage of attendance required for permission to sit in the terminal examinations of the course shall not be less than 75 in any case. Furthermore, for research work, the assessment of the progress shall be made regularly through the academic performance reports and evaluation of the written work / report and the defense/viva examinations are also conducted under the prescribed manner.

Minimum Academic Requirements:

An undergraduate student shall be on probation whenever his/her CGPA falls below 2.0. If the consecutive probations’ count becomes three, he/she shall be relegated from the University. However, in case of a first semester student, if his/her CGPA falls below 1.5 but is equal to or above 1.0 then he/she shall be on a serious (last) probation. The student shall be dismissed from the program if he/she fails to attain a CGPA of 2.0 after the serious probation. On the other hand, for a first semester student, if his/her GPA falls below 1.0, he/she shall be dismissed from the program.

In case of a graduate student, probation will be applicable whenever his/her CGPA falls below 2.5. If the consecutive probations’ count becomes three, his/her registration shall be cancelled and the student will not be readmitted in the same program.

A doctoral level student shall be on probation whenever his/her CGPA falls below 3.0. If the consecutive probations’ count becomes three, his/her registration shall be cancelled and shall not be readmitted in the same program.

Repeating a Course:

An undergraduate student will have to repeat any course in which he/she obtains grade F or D by registering it again in the subsequent semester/session. The new grade of the repeated course shall be reflected and used for computation of the SGPA and CGPA of the corresponding semester. The old letter grade shall be replaced with the letter R and with no effect on the SGPA and the CGPA of the previous semester. However, if the new grade becomes lower than the older, then the older grade shall be retained as such and the repeated lower grade will be reflected as W and with no effect on the SGPA and CGPA of the corresponding semester.

A graduate level student can repeat four courses whereas a doctoral level student can repeat three courses to improve their grades.


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