Career Options For Pre Medical Students in Pakistan

Options for Pre Medical Students

Most of the Pre Medical Students graduates take up Pre Medical as their subject in Intermediate and aspire to become a good medical professional. Every Pre-Medical Student want to become a doctor and works hard for it. However, few are selected for this profession and some are not. So a student should not lose hope and should never consider it the end of their career. There is a whole list of careers which a Pre-Medical Student can select. As discussed under.

Medicine For Pre Medical Students

The first career choice for any Pre-Medical student is to become a doctor. An MBBS or BDS degree is the way to this career. A lot of hard work in Intermediate and in entry test is required to pursue this career.

If a student works hard to become a doctor but even then fate doesn’t aid him in that, then he should consider career options as well that are mentioned below.

Pharmacy For Pre Medical Students

Pharmacy is a great career choice for Pre-Medical students. For this profession, a D-Pharmacy degree is required which is being offered by many colleges and universities in Pakistan. Pharmacy graduates can work in a pharmaceutical company, have their own pharmacy contracts from hospitals, can produce medicines and what not. So this career option should be considered.

Physiotherapy For Pre Medical Students

Physiotherapy is another best career option for Pre-Medical students. Doctor of Physiotherapy degree is required which is being offered in many universities of Pakistan. Physiotherapists work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres and they are an integral part of every hospital and clinic. So it is a great career choice.

Agriculture For Pre Medical Students

Students having interest in crops, plantations and other such things should go for agriculture. A bachelors degree in agriculture is being offered in many universities of Pakistan. Graduates can work in agricultural companies, agricultural department of Pakistan Government, start up their own company. So it is a career that should be considered.

Nutrition and food sciences For Pre Medical Students

Nutrition and food sciences are a great career choice. Bachelors degree in human nutrition and diet is being offered in certain universities. Specialisation is also offered in many universities. Food companies, agricultural companies, food authority department, clinical, hospital nutritionist are all a career choice for nutritionists in Pakistan.

These are some main career options for Pre-Medical students which are also highly rewarding. There are many more careers. A premedical student can join any of them. Hard work is the key to success in any field.


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