Fever Of Getting into a Medical College

Fever of getting into a medical college

Every Pakistani student is well aware of the fact that no matter what, medical studies would always be on the top of most honourable degrees in Pakistan according to the people’s mind set.

Pakistani people especially Parents, consider it the only way of prospering and achieving major goals in life. In fact they want their child to have the only goal of becoming a doctor and nothing second.

It is a really bad opinion about careers. Parents mostly don’t know about other rewarding career options and above all, they don’t consider their child’s aptitude and interest towards major subjects. So as a student achieves milestones in his studies, he’s pressurised by the society to become a doctor and he joins this race.

So this is what we call the fever of getting into a medical college. A student who has a natural taste for medicine and works hard for it, joins a medical college very easily. But it’s not the case with every student. Every child is not born to be a doctor. One must not discourage about becoming a doctor but it is really important to determine the interest of  student and see whether he’s fit in this field or he has aptitude for doing something else.

Due to this fever, students who can not manage getting into a medical college give their luck a second chance. Few are selected in the second chance by working hard and putting in more effort.

But, then, there comes the category of students who try again and again for this. They give their luck multiple chances. They’re under severe pressure of family and society. They work hard, up to their capacity, sometimes even more. But still they cannot manage getting into a medical college. And they consider themselves losers and go in despair. Because they are a part of race that’s only objective is to get into a medical college.

For all such students, it is really important for them to get their career counselling done. They need to know about their instincts, their interest and taste in studies which they always put behind. They need to know where they lack behind. And in most cases, they don’t lack behind they are just chasing an irrelevant field.

This is why it is the scenario that people are going mad for getting into a medical college. Medical is a good profession a really well profession quite honourable but it is not meant for everyone. Every student is born with different interests to help make a society. Hence hard work is required, effort is required but put it in a useful manner to achieve something.