Studying Different Programs Of Literature in Pakistan

Studying Different Programs Of Literature in Pakistan

Studying Literature

Studying Different Programs of Literature in Pakistan Today, we live in a world that is under a heavy control of science and IT subjects, in the domain of studies. Both the students and their parents want their children to study Science subjects as the major portion and specialisation of their education. Very few parents and students themselves want to study literature and arts subjects which is something noticeable.

Competition in different Discipline of Literature

There is a heavy competition going on among student these days. They are running to pursue their careers in Medicine, Engineering, Information technology, software, and other science related fields. They pay little heed towards their aptitude and taste which is a total wrong doing. Their is a major role of parents in this. Parents want their children to become best professionals in the field of science without even considering the aptitude of their child or taking any counselling service from a career counsellor.

Some Programs of Literature

Because of these reasons, today Pakistan doesn’t have a large number of expert professionals in the field of

  • Law
  • Literature
  • Language
  • Historian
  • Painter
  • Arts and craftsmen
  • Politics
  • Journalist

And the list goes on.

Importance of Studying Literature

The point is that people should consider studying literature as important as studying any other subject. There are many people who may have a great passion towards studying literature but they are also running behind other careers neglecting their inner taste.

Careers in Literature

Students can make a career in literature. Today their are many career options available for literature students. They can have any degree in literature after completing intermediate. Many universities are offering four year degree program in literature and other arts subjects. Scope is vast. By studying English literature a student can prepare for the competitive exams like CSS and PMS in a better way. You can join journalism, writing, become a career advisor, lawyer, web media designer and many other options.

So, it is clear that every student should first understand their aptitude towards a particular subject and then should pursue a career in it. Students should never underestimate literature as a subject and should focus on studying it too along with other science subjects.