How To Choose The Best University For Admission

How to choose the best university

Selection of the best University Education is an integral part of a person’s life. The whole life of a person depends on his education and the career he has chosen. As a student achieves his milestones and completes his level of education as matric and intermediate, it becomes very necessary to choose a right path and select the best institute according to his taste and aptitude for his whole life depends on it.

To select the best university after intermediate, following steps would definitely help him/her out.

RankingĀ  for Selecting Best University

First of all, look upon the ranking of different universities. The rankings of all universities are available on internet. You should definitely go for the top ranking universities and apply in it.

Prefer a public sector university. Public sector universities have high ranking, good faculty and they provide quality education. Their expenditure is also less than private universities. But keep in mind that public sector universities have high merit for admission.

Always Prefer Main Campus for Selecting Best University

Prefer main campus of the university. If your aggregate is low, you can choose a well established sub campus which is recognised for at least five years before. The sub campus should be run by the board of main campus and not as a public private partnership.

Take Admission in Accredited University

Accreditation of the university is the most important thing. Never go for a university which is not recognised by HEC, PEC, PMDC, PCP or other relevant council/commission. Also ensure that the institute is accredited for at least five years.

Make Institute’s Least Piriority

Give least priority to the NOC issued institutions. These institutions are not recognised but are in the process of recognition so they should be given least priority. If your aggregate is this much low that you cannot take admission in a recognised university then you can go for NOC issued institutions.

Make a list of fields according to your taste and aptitude and select some universities which offer these programs. See the status/profile of all those universities and see how do they rank in your preferred field by national and international organisations. One ranking may be misleading, see at least two or three different rankings and awards. Many institutions ranked number 1,2 or 3 in a specific field in the national ranking were by far lower than other institutions not ranked in the same category and many not ranked in the same category were the best in that category even in international rankings.

You must check out the facilities and resources such as scholarships, hostel, transport etc and conferences, seminars etc held by the university as they’re a very positive aspect of an institute. Student bodies such as different societies and unions in a good university help you in personality development, character building and even enhancing and polishing your abilities. So choose a university with effective working councils.

Above mentioned all steps will help a student get into the university of his choice and have a good university life and education for the progress and prosperity in his future.

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